An Arbitrary Giving Of Roses In Celebration Of Newcastle United's Season To Date

It's a chocolate football rabbit. Sure it may be a holiday too soon. Just go with it.

OR: A Trite Valentine's Day Post

OR: Look At This Pretty Picture I Took

OR: Let's Try Really Hard To Forget The Spurs Match Ever Happened

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you all! If we're being honest, there would have been a little bit of poetry had this day fallen three days earlier... You know... St. Valentine's Day Massacre and all. As it is, (as I'm studiously trying to ignore that Saturday happened) I bring to you the memories of much happier days. Today I shall for the first time ever present roses to persons in and around Newcastle United for their part (small or large) in making my world a better place in the last several months.

Following the jump, I shall present x number of roses... hopefully it will be a happy trip down the memory lane for you as well.

Rose_medium My first rose goes to Ryan Taylor. There are many many occasions for which Ryan would deserve a rose (most recently among them being #pipedownsillybollox)... but you know which one this is going for. (Special Honorable Mention to Ryan's performance at Stoke. #IDryMyBallsOnOtherMensTowels)

Rose_medium My second rose will go to one Yohan Cabaye. Yohan deserves this for a multitude of reasons (read: mostly everything he's done, save for kicking Adam El-Abd). He has been sheer class in our midfield since he first stepped on the pitch for the Toon. He is "Dreamboat". Oh, and there was this, too.

Rose_medium The next rose goes to Demba Ba. Shocking decision, I know.... but there are 16 reasons why.

Rose_medium If we are recognizing moments of sheer class with roses (which I have kind of set up as precedent), you've got to give one to Hatem Ben Arfa for this one.

Rose_medium Rose # 5 goes to Tim Krul for any number of saves, particularly from the early part of this season.

Rose_medium And a final sixth rose (so as this doesn't get to obnoxious to our mobile viewers) goes to Jonas Gutierrez. You're not going to find a video link here because he has earned his rose through graft. Close your eyes and replay your vision of all the times he's tracked back to help out on defense... all the graft he's put in on that left side. That is the main reason why. If that perfect little dink goal v. Blackburn in the cup sneaks in there too, that's ok.

I lied on that sixth rose being final... I must give one more.

Rose_medium A Final Rose to Newcastle United WFC - for being undefeated 17 on the trot with a chance to win the league and promotion!

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