PardsWatch 2012™ Vol. I Issue 2

Alan Pardew finds out that SportingBet, BlueSquare, StanJames and 888Sport (among others) have him at longer odds for the England job than Alan Curbishley.

It was just over 2 months ago (February 8, to be exact) that I put out the first installment of PardsWatch 2012... a story that was met with many yawns and a goblet full of "meh". I don't expect Vol. i Issue 2 to be met with any less derision, but it is a thing, and so it should be noted.

When last we left our hero, Harry Redknapp was the hands down choice of the people* and there was very real concern that if 'arry took the England post, Alan Pardew would be the first choice for the Tottenham ownership to replace him. Much has happened since then, and all of that "much" has influenced exactly where Alan Pardew stands with relation to the England job specifically. It has been widely assumed that the FA are desperate to go English with their new national team manager, and two months ago, the list included Redknapp, Pardew, Roy Hodgson and (at the time on the back of the "new manager bump" at the scum) Martin O'Neill primarily. What, you may ask, is the "much" that has happened between there and here?

*or at least that is what the media was telling people they thought as I recall from the wonders of the Twitter

In the time between the last installment and now, this has happened:

  • Newcastle has taken 17 points from 9 matches (including a head-to-head win for Pards over Hodgson and a 5-0 thrashing from 'arry)
  • West Brom have taken 13 points from their 9 matches
  • Spurs have taken 9 points from their 9 matches
  • the scum have taken 9 points from their 9 matchs
The big question as far as Alan Pardew is concerned is still "Will he walk away from a job at which he is having tremendous success?" This is a question that is as valid today as it was at the time of the last PardsWatch 2012™ writing. There is a lot of sense that a move to the England hot seat does not make for Alan. Why leave for a job that can be toxic to your managerial career and which the only exit strategy is to be fired (or allowed to say you "resigned")?

A quick check of the betting sites shows that the punters are saying that he won't. Here are the current odds for the next England Manager. Despite the recent form of all club teams involved, Alan looks to be longer odds at some outlets than: Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Alan Curbishley (!??!) and Rafa Benitez. It looks like, despite Newcastle's torrid run of form lately that we are currently safe from the hooks of the FA. . . The question then becomes: "Is there a job in the Premier League that Alan Pardew would leave Newcastle for?" And so that shall be the poll question for our PardsWatch 2012™ Vol. I Issue 2 post. Have your say and vote below!

Post Script- SkyBet, Paddy Power, SportingBet and Stan James have odds on Ian Holloway as the next England manager. Please please please let this happen. Please.
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