Newcastle: Perennial Underachievers

Stu Forster

With the International break comes a period of reflection. This is mostly of the current season, and with it being Newcastle a time to reflect on the trials and tribulations. But I want to talk about something that every Newcastle fan wants to see and something that only a few have seen.

1969. Man lands on the moon, The Beatles release critically acclaimed album 'Abbey Road', Pele scores his 1000th goal and Newcastle United win their last major trophy. Now, 44 years later Newcastle United's trophy cabinet is very much the same. That for a Newcastle fan is heartbreaking. We've came close a few times, we've reached a handful of finals and a handful of semi finals, but we've never won the trophy that we all crave. So many great names have tried and failed, two most notably being Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson. Both of which are held in high regard by Newcastle fans.

There is no doubt about it, Newcastle United are the most under-achieving football club in the world. Even though we haven't won anything for 44 years the fans remain loyal, and have turned up week in, week out, most of the time just to have their hearts broke and there mentality pushed to the limit. Following Newcastle is a thankless task and the best way I could describe it, is it's a roller coaster.You're there for the ride. The anticipation, the exhilaration and the come down are what Newcastle is all about. Each season we build up our hopes of winning a trophy and we begin to dream. Then we don't.

Newcastle United - 44 Years (via SewellyTV)

I have included a poignant video which will bring up repressed memories for many Newcastle fans and for the die hards, yes, it is a tearjerker. It shows just how close we have come to winning something.

We've had the players to win a trophy. Shearer obviously heads the list. But this squad can do it. We have leaders, passion and most importantly quality. The likes of Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Krul and Sissoko can take this club to heights not reached since 1969. It's important for everyone involved with the club. Not just the fans, but the players and the people who sadly won't be around to see the day when we do lift a piece of silverware, the likes of Gary Speed and Sir Bobby Robson, both of which deserved to win a trophy during their time on Tyneside.

In Newcastle the football club is more than that. Its a religion. The cathedral on the hill is something special. Its something most people in the City have in common, the love of Newcastle United. Its very much a cliche but with Newcastle its the feeling of belonging. Its something bigger than anyone could imagine. Whatever corner of the planet you're in its something you have in common with someone who lives by St James' park.

A phrase that is most often associated with Barcelona could just as easily be used with Newcastle: Mes Que Un Club. Newcastle United: More than a club. One day we'll win something, then it won't be the same ever again.

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