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You can watch Newcastle Falcons rugby from this hottub. No such deal for NUFC. WTF, Mike? - Scott Heavey

Gents (and ladies, be there any) -

I am preparing to crawl out of my rather lengthy hole that moving cross country (again) has put me into. Please reserve all applause until after I finish (at which time standing would be just fine, if you feel like it). As I'm getting my feet back underneath me, I'm scouting around many places to see what's going on in the world... as those of you who have been around may know, when I'm gone, I'm really gone and it then takes a little bit for me to get my bearings. I read a question on one of the SBN sites about podcasts and it compelled me to drop something in here to take the pulse of Coming Home Podcastle, as it were. Please consider answering the following questions:

1) Are you listening to the podcast (not literally right this moment, but each time (ish) a new episode is published?

2) After the initial BlogTalkRadio phase, we settled in at a length of roughly 1 hour 40 minutes as a "goal". Is this:

a) too long. I listen primarily at home (for instance) and find it hard to consume an entire episode of this length, let alone all at one time.

b) too short. hahahahahahah LOL ok, just kidding

c) an appropriate length. I either have the capability to block off this amount of time to listen or listen on a commute or similar situation in which I have time blocked off that I'm not doing anything else, and besides I really love hearing Jim and Robert prattle on anyway because they seem like such righteous dudes. (ok... the first half of that was serious.

3) Following the appointment of Joe Kinnear as the Director of Football, we had Callum in as a third voice on the podcast. Keeping mind that we have to this point only tried this once, was this:

a) Awesome. You should have a third voice in the mix as a matter of course.

b) Not awesome. Three voices may be a tad much.

c) Neither awesome nor not awesome, but I prefer the two voice format.

4) Aside from the part where an unacceptably large % of the material that we've recorded has been lost through one gaffe or another, the worst part(s) about the podcast is __________________

5) Outside of the tremendous good looks of the hosts (I know you can't see us. Just trust me on this one. We're like Clooney and Pitt out here.), the best thing(s) about the podcast is ____________________


I'm looking for your honest and unflinching feedback here. It's really the only way we're going to be able to affect change or improve your experience with the podcast. If your feeling is "It really should have been called #PipeDownSillyBollox because you guys are out there spouting all shite all the time", then tell us. Vice versa, if there is something really great about the podcast, we'd love to hear that too. The odds are we'll be starting back up in the next week give or take, so get your opinions in now and we may just listen to them!

P.S. Thanks ahead of time!

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