Summertime, and the moving is easy

Paul Thomas

With summer rapidly approaching, and Newcastle United playing with the intensity of a gaggle of school boys the last week of school, it's time to have a gander and speculate wildly about who may be transferred out.

It's fairly obvious that there will be some changes to the side this coming transfer window, some players are too old, some are not coming good, and others are just too good for us to hold on to.

Sylvain Marveaux - OUT

Assuming that he is alive...the tricky, pacy, tiny winger is most definitely out. Only managed 9 appearances (7 as a sub) in a team with injury issues. He's on the wrong side of 25 and seems to have complained his way out of the club. Will likely end up back in Ligue 1.

Mathieu Debuchy - OUT

Come on, you really think he's not being sold to PSG? He's being sold to PSG. Maybe we can get Menez in return? Eh? No? Please?

Hatem Ben Arfa - STAYS

Hatem is an interesting one. On one hand he's seemed to have regressed slightly and like Marveaux, he's on the wrong side of 25. On the other hand, he's been dealing with some personal issues and I think the hamstring injury was worse than reported. Has he played poorly enough/been mismanaged enough to throw richer teams off his scent? For sure he's burned bridges in Ligue 1 and I can't see anyone in the PL blowing the kind of cash it would take to get him from us.

Loïc Rémy - OUT

Thanks for the early burn, Loïc. You'll do great back in London with either Spurs or Arsenal.

Fabricio Coloccini - OUT

This one is going to hurt. Our Captain, Bootleg Puyol, has had a foot out the door since last year. Gossip, age, being a great distance from home are all contributing factors to him heading to Argentina. Colo will be nigh on impossible to replace, mainly down to his leadership and fantastic ability on the ball. He'll walk off in to the sunset a Geordie, thats for sure.

Papiss Cissé - STAYS

Papiss Cissé has had a rough go of it. Early on, Remy was on fire...then Cabaye starts picking up goals. Poor Papiss can't even get a sniff of the pitch. Fast forward to now, Remy is injured, they've brought in Cissé's 'replacement' on loan, and the only player capable of making a decent pass has been shipped out. And now, Papiss Cissé is expected to magically be in top match form after spending the good part of a season relegated to the bench, watching Shola Ameobi take his minutes. At this point, Cissé's stock can't be any lower. Doubt there's going to be many clubs lined up to take him off our hands. I've got faith in him to come good given time.

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