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The Battle For Newcastle


The all-seeing eye of Mike Ashley is upon you and the stakes have never been higher.

The Swiss Ramble: Newcastle United - Life In A Northern Town

I'm loathe to give Mike Ashley credit for anything - Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street would be better at PR than the Fat Man. But, frankly, this piece from the Swiss Ramble exonerates him from some considerable animosity, in my opinion. Basically, it looks like we could seriously challenge the very best if we can just find a way to increase sponsorship and international revenues.

Newcastle United in Top 30 of Revenue Generating Clubs

In a ranking of clubs from the big five leagues in Europe, Newcastle United came in 25th, generating revenues of £88.5m. There are other people in the world that are much smarter than I am about business and such, but it seems that the sustainable business model is well on it's way to standing on its own two feet.

CHN Links: Saturday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. It always feels weird when football is being played on a Saturday but you don't really care about any of the teams. Hopefully our patience will be rewarded with a decisive...

CHN Links: Gameday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. Are you willing to do what it takes to win today? (+1 million internets to anybody who knows what that's a reference to.)Credited to "Barry H." on shiteseats.co.ukLes F...

Chris Hughton Out?

While the Unwashed were busy getting their clocks cleaned by The Toon, one of our Twitter followers humorously asked, "Hughton Out?" It was such an off-the-wall (and of course, tongue-in-cheek)...

CHN Links: Monday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. FC Dallas lost the MLS Cup last night, making them the third Dallas team in a row to go into a Championship as the favorite and lose. That sucks. Fortunately, the...

Hughton Out

And so it came to pass that when the team Chris Hughton managed through the time of trial in the Championship League met with its first run of adversity, an axe fell from on high and he was its...

Possible Managerial Replacements

Chris Hughton must be replaced, reports of Paul Gascoigne trying to sweet-talk Mike Ashley into reversing his decision notwithstanding.So who will it be? Internal replacements are always the first...

CHN Links: Tuesday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. Obviously, today's links will be dominated by news of Chris Hughton's sacking and the search for his replacement. Before we jump in, I want to share with you this piece of...

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