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Monday Links 2

We're still a new blog, so allow us a moment to explain: We'd like to have a daily links page that we simply update throughout the day, especially as readers point us to interesting pieces they've found. With the transfer window coming to a close, though, it seems appropriate to simply provide a separate post due to the sheer volume of news rumors flying around. Having said that, here are some things that weren't included this morning. Be sure to check out our first post as well.

Scott Wilson of The Northern Echo is on record as saying Keane is having second thoughts about a move to Newcastle. There are no direct quotes from Keane or anybody else in London in the story, so I wonder if this is simply a negotiating tactic that Spurs are using to squeeze as much currency as possible out of this deal. Wilson says the move appears "unlikely" at this point.

As rumored, LuaLua is going to Brighton on loan until Christmas. Hard to find anything negative about this move - he wasn't going to get any time with the top squad anyway.

Toonsy has a piece up about the maturation of Joey Barton. Ed echoes his sentiments and adds some quotes from Chris Hughton. The Mirror gave him some props in their weekly wrap up as well. Barton is one of those guys that other teams love to hate, and I like the idea of him continuing to play that role while not giving the ref anything to work against him with. On the back of that is some trash talk from Karl Henry. Incidentally, gave Henry "The Saddam Hussein award for a misguided attempt at intimidation" in their weekly writeup. Hilarious. A guy like Barton is going to have to put up with his name being dragged around if he continues to turn the other cheek; let's hope he ignores it and doesn't do anything stupid next time they meet. I know the St. James faithful won't forget though...

More on the "Carroll for England" bit: He wasn't named to the Euro 2012 qualifying squad. Good.

Finally, a word from one Hatem Ben Arfa: "Newcastle was my first choice." I thought that was pretty evident from the way the proceedings went down, but it sure is nice to hear him say it. Welcome aboard, HBA.