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Tuesday Links 1

Today will be a long one, folks. Remember to take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

David Hytner of The Guardian reports that Tottenham Hotspur is looking to use Robbie Keane as a trade chip of sorts to bring in Scott Parker, which would seem to put NUFC out of the running. I would be very surprised if this ends up happening, though. At the end of the day I expect Harry Redknapp to get what he can for his striker, which may mean we win the sweepstakes by default. This isn't over by any stretch. Steve Brunner of The Sun reported last night that Newcastle was out on both Keane and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, though no details were provided and both stories have since been taken down. All we're left with is this tweet. I wouldn't put much stock into this at all. Van Wolfswinkel was "rumored" to have been in Newcastle about 5 hours ago, but there has been literally nothing about this since. Again, a rumor of little, if any, substance.

Finally, David Winters of The Daily Mirror has an article about Malcolm McDonald's advice for Andy Carroll RE: the national team. An interesting read on a topic that would probably get more play if it were not the last day of the transfer window.

Not much else this morning. I imagine the beat writers are resting up a little extra to get ready for the festivities. Check here for updates throughout the day. We'll also have a review of all the signings once the deadline passes.