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CHN Links: Thursday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. Is Andy Carroll being rushed back from injury too soon? Will Sol Campbell play on Saturday? What about that book where the guy points the finger at all the other guys? Find out after the jump.

How I feel during the International Break. Hurry up, Saturday.

The reports on Sol Campbell's performance in the reserve game on Tuesday night keep pouring in. Apparently, he looked fit enough to be considered a threat to play on Saturday. Sol told the Official BPL site that he's ready to go if he's called. Lee Ryder took some time to praise Campbell for his work ethic, and Sol himself lashed out at his critics according to Mike Jones. Speaking of the reserve match, Reserve Team Coach Peter Beardsley told The Chronicle that he was impressed by the crowd, who braved the elements to watch live football even while England was playing.

Ben Arfa is excited about playing with Andy Carroll, and really, who wouldn't be? Toonsy is concerned that Carroll may be rushing back to play too soon following an injury. If it's true that he's not 100%, I have to agree, but that's a bit of an assumption in the first place. I'm not terribly worried, but this is a more than valid point.

Ed Harrison quotes Chris Hughton as being very complimentary of Fabricio Coloccini, though I'm not sure where he pulled the quote from.

Finally, some old executives argue and bicker about some things that happened more than a decade ago. Sorry for being flippant about this, but this story has lasted one too many news cycles for my taste. Let's play some football already!