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CHN Links: Wednesday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. Today is a slow news day as many of the outlets are very focused on covering the goings-on of the Champions League from yesterday. Still, there a few things worthy of your attention, and you'll find them after the jump.

What an ugly ball.

Joey Barton is on record as saying that he enjoys the intra-team competition for playing time, according to Lee Ryder of The Chronicle. I wonder if he'll feel that way if he's not selected.

The Carling Cup match with Chelsea takes place in just over a week, and there is a reserve game between our two teams this Thursday. I wonder how similar the rosters will look from this week to next.

Andy Carroll has been named the North-East Football Writers’ Association Young Player of the Year.

This final item is not related to NUFC directly, but I thought it might be appropriate to post because some of the talking points are the same things we'll hear next week before the League Cup match. Dan Silver of The Mirror gives his Top 10 reasons that ordinary fans don't like the Champions League. Honest question: if fans don't like the Champions League, why are they always eager for their team to qualify?