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Magpie Reserves Mow Down Mackems

SAFC Reserves 1-3 NUFC Reserves was the final line at the Stadium of Blight, but it hardly told the story of a tie that saw the Toon Reservists up two goals after just ten minutes of play.

Lots to Celebrate for Nile and McLoven as they leave the pitch.

The first tally came in the 8th minute when Peter Lovenkrands sped behind a flatfooted defense and passed across goal for Nile Ranger who, with a bit of work left to do, put the ball neatly to bed in the far corner.

Less than two minutes later Nile Ranger would return the favor in a way. Sprung free into the box, his attempt to play around the oncoming keeper Trevor Carson was thwarted, but Trevor simply didn't play the ball and the penalty shot was given. Lovenkrands hammered home from the spot and it looked as though it would be smooth sailing for the Toon.

In fact, they did ride those two goals into halftime, but not without seeing Xisco Red Carded for aparently flicking his leg out at SAFC's Jordan Cook. Match reporter Dan King called the straight red, "harsh, even if Xisco should have known better," citing little to no contact in the scuffle.

Coming out of the half the side still looked fit even a man down and at 58 minutes the cushion would get a bit fluffier after Carson picked up a back pass from a Sunderland back. Before the defense could organize Lovenkrands snatched up the ball and bumped it quickly over to the waiting boot of Ryan Taylor, who layed it in from less than ten yards.

The Magpies continued to coast on their heavy lead until Jordan Cook put in a penalty shot that came when Matthew Grieve went down in the box under the heavy defesnse of Jack Colbeck. But, it was too little too late in the 84th minute, and the Toon would celebrate victory just minutes later.
A few takeaways:
  • Sol Campbell played the first 45 and looked fit, thoug he admitidly didn't get much work as the Newcastle Reserves were clearly the class of the match.
  • Though the Mackems will probably cite the starting of first teamers, Lovenkrands, Taylor, and Ranger, as the main catylysts in their demise, we need only remind them that they had first teamers on the pitch as well in, George Mcartney and Andy Reid, as well as newly signed Marco Angeleri
  • Xisco will miss 3 first team games for the Red Card: Blackpool, Everton and the League Cup match at Chealsea.

NUFC: Tim Krul, James Tavernier, Paul Dummett, Ryan Donaldson (Phil Airey, 81), Sol Campbell (Ben Tozer, 45), Matthew Grieve, Ryan Taylor, Brad Inman, Nile Ranger, Xisco, Peter Lovenkrands (Greg McDermott, 81)
Unused Subs: Ole Soderberg, Jeff Henderson

SAFC: Trevor Carson, Marcos Angeleri (Matthew Fletcher, 72), Blair Adams, Adam Reed, Michael Kay, George McCartney, Robbie Weir (Nathan Luscombe, 62), Jack Colbeck, Ryan Noble, Jordan Cook, Andy Reid (Liam Bagnall, 81)
Unused Subs: Ben Wilson, Dan Madden

Howay the Lads!