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Non-League Day, We Take in a Local Game: FC Dallas vs. Toronto FC

With no Premiership this weekend, and in the spirit of this challenge Coming Home Newcastle will be at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas in support of our local MLS team, FC Dallas. Toronto FC comes to town for the pair's second match of the season; in July, The Toros were able to force a tie at BMO field in Toronto. At least one team comes into Saturday's match looking fit; FCD hasn't lost a game since late May, but TFC are coming off a CONCACAF loss preceded by a league loss.

FCD vs TFC this Saturday, Take in a local match during the Prem. break

We'll be honest, it's hard to expect much out of this one as TFC has a few out to the Canadian National team. FCD has a couple missing too, but we expect their depth to be able to handle the depleted Toronto side at home without much issue. Ferreira will still be around to make sure things go as planned and Brek Shea should be able to do as he pleases in the Toronto Midfield. So even with Hernandez and Harris out on suspension, we feel confident on The Red Stripes chances to extend that unbeaten streak to 13.

Prediction: FC Dallas 3-1 Toronto FC

On the TV:

Fox Sports Southwest or FSDallas, MLS Direct Kick with DirectTV