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Saturday Links

Happy Saturday! Don't forget that today is Non-League Day. Go support your local team!

Today's links after the jump.

Xisco has been suspended for 3 games for his foul in the reserve game against Sunderland. He will miss the next two league games and the League Cup match at Stamford Bridge. This is unfortunate, but it doesn't really mean a whole lot. Right now there are too many bodies and not enough places on the pitch to put them. Xisco will hardly be missed at this point of the season.

Ed Harrison noticed that our boys lead the Premiership in two categories: Shooting percentage and fewest shots allowed on target.

A day after Sol Campbell declared that he wanted to play for England once again, Jose Enrique stated his ambition to get in with the Spaniards. Yesterday, Ed Harrison called Jose one of our most improved players. I agree that Jose has indeed been a key part of our early success, and I'll explain why in a new feature that we'll unveil early next week.

Lee Ryder of The Chronicle had a conversation with Ben Arfa where it became apparent that HBA had been brushing up on his Geordie dialect. This is nice in that it shows Ben Arfa's genuine excitement in being brought over. However, I believe Mr. Ryder buried the lead. At the back of the story, HBA acknowledges that one of his motivations for coming to Newcastle was the great reputation of Chris Hughton. This is the first time I can remember hearing of a player saying that Hughton was the reason they wanted to come aboard. He's developing a solid reputation, folks, and we're fortunate enough to watch it happen in front of our eyes.

According to Will Scott of The Northern Echo, Sol Campbell has been giving Andy Carroll advice to be patient in regards to any international call-ups.

Kazenga LuaLua is happy to be in Albion.

Have a great weekend!