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Thursday Links

Good morning! Let's dive right in.

The transfer window reviews are still coming in. Scott Wilson of The Northern Echo quotes Chris Hughton as saying that he's content with a quiet Deadline Day. Miles Starforth of Jarrow & Hebburn Gazette praises the moves that were made. His headline is about Mike Ashley, but really the article is about Hughton. Hughton was complimentary of Ashley's financial backing; however, what stands out about these transfers to me are the quality of players received for relatively little money. Starforth also notes that Ben Arfa, Tiote, and Campbell will all be ready to face Blackpool on September 11.

Speaking of Mr. Campbell, he told BBC that he is indeed targeting September 11 for first team action. I have to believe that he'll be on a short leash if he does get the start. Also, I saw several stories (here is one example) that expressed surprise that he would make the roster. Of course his level of fitness has been widely questioned, but I never thought his standing with the team would be in jeopardy. Before today, I hadn't stopped and done all of the math, but ultimately we only had 23 players that needed to be listed anyway, so why would anybody be left out? It makes me feel silly that I ever entertained the idea that Steven Taylor might not make the cut.

Alana Coates of The Montreal Gazette is apparently very impressed with HBA, and not convinced at all that the rest of the squad is anything special. I like HBA. HBA will not be the face of this team.