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CHN Links: Thursday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. What an awful sports day. Newcastle lost by 4 and Texas had an awful World Series debut. Let's just look forward.

Here are some video highlights of the Carling Cup, just in case you want to relive that mess. (CaughtOffside) I don't really want to link to a bunch of reviews, and I doubt you want to read them, so I'll link to The Guardian, which is consistently the best in this department in my opinion.

MirrorFootball posted "10 Things We Learned from Newcastle 0 - Arsenal 4" and all of them are about the Gunners. Whatever. Check out #8 though.

The board affirmed their confidence in Chris Hughton and will move to work out an extension. Good news, obviously. (Louise Taylor, The Guardian) Hughton has some quality quotes in this article. (Sky Sports)