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Derby Match Previews From Around The Web

The Guardian - The Squad Sheets are always top-notch.

Sky Sports - focuses on Sunderland's defensive prowess and predicts a 1-1 draw.

BBC Sport - features some good statistics and a soundbite from Chris Hughton.

Paul Merson (Sky Sports) - Takes some time to back Chris Hughton before warning him not to play a 4-4-2 and predicts a 1-1 draw.

Darren Lewis (Mirror Football) - Martin Lipton is out for the week, but he must have left a Post-It note on Lewis' desk reminding him not to pick Newcastle under any circumstances.

Ed Harrison ( - calls this match the most important of the season, especially considering the rumors surrounding Chris Hughton.

Toonsy ( - calls for a 4-5-1 and declines to make a prediction.

Rob McCluskey (EPLTalk) - provides some great insight into the derby and some terrific analysis of what we could see. Makes me feel inadequate.