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CHN Links: Friday Edition

Good morning, Toon Army. Harper aggravates his injury, Bruce complains about poor treatment, and one more candidate is crossed off the list for assistant...after the jump.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean...
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Steve Harper tweaked his injured shoulder celebrating Shola Ameobi's second goal on Sunday, but he characterized the injury as "minor." I'm a little worried - if a celebration will mess his shoulder up, what would stopping a 20-yard missile do to it? Still, there's no reason to believe that the pre-Christmas target date is unattainable. Just be careful, Steve! (Simon Bird, MirrorFootball)

Steve Bruce has made no secret of the fact that he was humiliated by the mackems' poor showing in Sunday's Derby match, and he gave interview saying that the damage to his and the club's reputation may be irreparable. (ESPNSoccernet) He has also taken to deflecting criticism towards Newcastle for what he calls a breach of etiquette. As you may know, The Toon Army repurposed Sunderland's anthem "Daydream Believer," using a few choice terms to mock the mackems. Bruce has vowed to repay the favor when The Magpies visit The Stadium of Light in January. (Simon Bird, MirrorFootball) I'm more than fine with Bruce's determination to rub The Toon's face in it; it's that kind of intensity that makes a derby, and especially this one, great. However, Bruce would do well to remember that all's fair play in the Tyne-Wear Derby. Questioning the other side's "etiquette" will only make you appear soft and a sore loser. The best way to keep the opposing fans from mocking you is to not make a mockery of yourself on the pitch.

Faroe Islands manager Brian Kerr denies any contact with Newcastle over the vacant assistant manager job. (MirrorFootball)