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Chris Hughton Out?

While the Unwashed were busy getting their clocks cleaned by The Toon, one of our Twitter followers humorously asked, "Hughton Out?" It was such an off-the-wall (and of course, tongue-in-cheek) suggestion that I literally laughed out loud. Surely nobody wants Hughton out after that glorious day, right?

Following the drubbing of the mackems, several local and national writers spoke out about Hughton's contract situation and what the most recent result means for negotiations. Mark Douglas of The Journal says it's time to reward "shrewd" Chris Hughton for his "stunning work." Louise Taylor of The Guardian concurs, saying Hughton's position was "strengthened immeasurably following the Derby win.

However, two writers of MirrorFootball offered some commentary about just why nothing has gotten done yet. Simon Bird has a lengthy article about Mike Ashley and the board of directors playing hardball with Chris Hughton. David Anderson of MirrorFootball adds that the tension be a result of Hughton not being a "big enough" name for Ashley. Frankly, I find Ashley's position on this absurd, and I know I'm not the only one. Hughton has done everything that's been asked of him and more with little resources, a problem which belongs to the owner, by the way. Sure, things could go south. The Magpies have shown some inconsistency this season, no doubt. But I fear that if Ashley, et al, continue to hold such a hard position, their relationship with Hughton may be damaged beyond repair. Extend him now, before another Premiership team snaps him up and we have to face him twice a year!