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Good morning, Toon Army. Let's beat the Blues! A smattering of online previews follows the jump.

Is it possible that the snowy conditions at St. James Park could somehow give the Toon an advantage?
Photo credit unknown

Kevin McCarra, The Guardian - Focuses on Newcastle's bad luck at home and gives some nice figures. No prediction but the betting line heavily favors Chelsea.

Toonsy, - Sees a chance for Newcastle given the expected conditions and Chelsea's recent run of poor form. Predicts an 0-2 loss.

Ed Harrison, - Wonders about selection and whether we'll get to watch Good Newcastle or have to endure Bad Newcastle.

BBC Sport - Some good facts and a witty (?) comment about Ancelotti and Newcastle.

Sky Sports - A good overview of the storylines headed into the weekend, although the info about the table is already a bit dated. Predicts a 2-3 loss.

Martin Lipton, MirrorFootball - Predicts against Newcastle once more, which is no surprise, but I can't really say I blame him this week.

Matthew Campbell, EPLTalk - Previews the referees for each match of the weekend and concludes that Newcastle can take advantage of Andre Marriner's reluctance to book players. Also predicts an 0-2 loss.