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Newcastle 0, Fulham 0 - A Collection of Reviews

Lee Ryder, The Chronicle - Wonders about what the game could have been.

Louise Taylor, The Guardian - Calls Newcastle's play "bereft of imagination" and suggests that they lob the ball in to Carroll too much. Don't miss their match facts and chalkboards.

CaughtOffside - Video Highlights

Simon Bird, MirrorFootball - Focuses on Chris Hughton's positive attitude.

BPL Official Site - Good play-by-play account.

Ed Harrison, - Can't decide whether to be disappointed or relieved. You're not the only one, Ed.

Toonsy, - Calls the result "terrible" and takes a few shots at Damien Duff.

Paul Fraser, The Northern Echo - Says the Magpies "lacked punch" and sort of repeats himself about Andy Carroll. Hey, it's hard to write about a 0-0 draw.

Steve Brenner, The Sun - Not much on the game itself. Zeroes in on the lack of an assistant.