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Week 15 Talking Points

Today we debut a new feature: Talking Points. Because of our policy of waiting a day or two to post a review (hence the name "Reasonable Reaction") and because there usually isn't enough news on the day of a game to merit a links post, we often don't post anything immediately following a game. This feature will change that. Following each game we will post some suggested talking points for all to discuss in the comments. (We know you're out there; the numbers say we've got readers, but no commenters. Consider this your invitation to join the conversation.)

Talking Points:
1. Are you happy to escape with a point against a top side, or disappointed to settle for a draw at home?
2. Are you satisfied with Sol Campbell and Steven Taylor in the back?
3. For the Shola Ameobi haters: Why?
4. Sort of a follow-up: Do you want Shola or Nile Ranger up front with Andy Carroll?
5. Chelsea: Bad floppers or the worst floppers?