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Welcome to Coming Home Newcastle

Welcome to our love affair with the great Newcastle United Football Club.    We'll be bringing you frequent content to digest daily, and from there we're counting on you to fill in the holes, so that this will become as much your blog as it is ours.  Hopefully, this will become your hub for Newcastle news, rumors, arguments, game threads, and much more.  We are excited to be affiliated with SB Nation because of the great community-building features here.  Make sure to check out the FanPosts, FanShots, and superior commenting system.  (Seriously, I've looked and haven't found anything better out there.)

Are we eager to do a great job and be all we can be and all that?  Sure.  But we also know how to have fun, so expect the unexpected.  Whether you're already an SBN user who happens to be a part of the Toon Army, you migrated over from our old blog, or you just happened upon us due to our admittedly heavy-handed advertising, we say to you...

Welcome home.