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Andy Carroll to See Specialist About Thigh Injury; Could Be Out for 2 Games

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Andy Carroll is on his way to the arctic circle in Sweden to have a specialist look at his leg.

Since Carroll injured his thigh on December 28 at Tottenham, the coverage surrounding the young striker has resembled a circus.  It was first reported that he might miss a game or two, and when he didn't immediately return, a rumor was leaked that the injury had occurred in some sort of drunken barstool dive at a local casino.  The slander was, of course, immediately dismissed, but since then there have been reports that the medical staff have been hiding from the public just how serious Carroll's thigh tear was.  A recent report had him missing all of February and March.

Alan Pardew's squad is currently training in Portugal, and Carroll was with the team, fueling speculation that he could be close to a return, but an apparent setback has the team taking caution and calling on the services of this unnamed Swedish specialist.

The timetable for Carroll's return is still up in the air, but it is thought that he will surely miss Fulham (February 2) and Arsenal (February 5).

This won't be the last we hear of this, I'm sure.

[via Mark Douglas, The Journal]