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Match Day Cuppa Coffee: Newcastle United links to Wake Up By

Being a balding man, I have no shame in admitting:  I'm jealous.
Being a balding man, I have no shame in admitting: I'm jealous.


Wigan v Newcastle is just a matter of hours away-- what better way to get ready than to peruse some links?

After the jump, Danny Simpson, Davide Santon, Captain Colo's hair and ambition!

Non-Newcastle related

Neil Warnock: Bostock tale shows perils of big clubs hoovering up young talent - News & Comment, Football - The Independent

I found this to be a very interesting read regarding the Big clubs poaching the youth systems of smaller clubs and the economic impact of recent rules changes.


United boss right to say it’s trophy time - NUFC Columnists - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Getting into the later stages of the Carling Cup certainly may be affecting my viewpoint on this, but I certainly can't disagree.  We're 56 years on from the last FA Cup, so any trophy would be great.

'If Newcastle win something the fans will really take to Mike Ashley' - Wigan owner Dave Whelan on business rival's road to redemption -

"Can he win over the fans? Firstly, he has to get Newcastle winning something and if Newcastle could win some silverware, whatever it is, I think the fans would absolutely flock around him and then start backing him to the hilt," Whelan told "Newcastle have been so short on success and they really deserve it. They have not even had it sometimes when they deserved it. So if they can win something while he is there I think the supporters would take to him really well. "It is the supporters that make that club. That club is fantastic and their atmosphere around that ground is electric. It is always a pleasure to go there because the fans are football through-and-through and they love it."

So sayeth Dave Whelan.  The cup would be the coup de gras on what has been a recent series of master strokes by MA in winning back the fans.  On a related note:

United throw open training to fans - Local News - Shields Gazette

If you happen to be in Newcastle and don't have anything to do... 

Player links

Yohan Cabaye named our Player of the Month - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

A poll of ChronicleLive viewers has revealed that 9-out-of-10 British housewives can't tell Whizzo Butter from a dead crab.  OR, Yohan Cabaye is pretty good.

Newcastle: Fabricio Coloccini says his trademark curly mop will never get cut off - News -

So, apparently Captain Colo had his hair forcibly snipped by some prominent players during his time at AC Milan.  I for one will personally hunt down any Magpie who takes a similar idea in their head.  I'm afraid it'd be like Samson.

Danny Simpson on course for new NUFC deal says boss - NUFC News - NUFC - JournalLive

Danny Simpson is heading for the transfer list.  OR a new contract.  Whichever.  You know, since they're borne of the same idea and all.

Confident Krul is making his mark (From The Northern Echo)

It always kind of cracks me up when you go to an article for a certain title and then the text is mostly about something else. . . but there is some about Tim in here.

Competition for places is driving United forward, says Ameobi - Football - Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette

Having many players that could be doing the job on the pitch apparently motivates everyone.  It is great to have a deeper squad-- although there still are some depth issues.  We'll see how the squad holds out if we progress in the Carling Cup.

Football premier-league: Exclusive - Epic Arsenal draw behind Newcastle's fine start to the season, says Steven Taylor | Radio talkSPORT

There's about 4.5 minutes of audio clip on this one from a radio interview that Steven Taylor did -- it was kind of cool to hear.

Alan Pardew

Pardew ready to roate his squad for crucial fixtures - Football - Shields Gazette

Restating a point in a different way, we're going to learn a LOT about this squad over the next couple weeks.  I think that we all agree that we're nowhere near Eurpoe depth, but it is entirely possible that we've scratched together enough depth to stay healthy in the league while making more than a modest attempt at the Cups.  


Pardew ponders Taarabt move | Newcastle United - EatSleepSport

Adel Taarabt-- he fits in the age and potential directives of the mission statement-- and he certainly wants out of QPR.  Is there room in the squad for another attacking midfielder?

Just Added-- Pressers!

Roberto Martinez

Alan Pardew

Hopefully this has entertained as kick-off has approached.  Howay the Lads!