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A Small Matter That Needs The Community's Attention:

This hashtag #CABAYEISLEGEND must be propagated.
This hashtag #CABAYEISLEGEND must be propagated.

Man-- Wednesday night, and it sure was a doozy.  Did I miss anything?  But seriously-- I wish I'd been able to participate to the extent that we would have been able to without a video feed.  I really felt like we were going to make a hard push for the Carling Cup, but it was not to be.  Fortunately, it was a 0 pointer... Unfortunately, it would have been interesting to watch the Blackburn fans' utter meltdown had we come back to win the match.  

Stoke City, also on the reverse side of the results today to Chelsea, looms on the horizon, and is worth points.  No time to dwell.  I read reports on the Twitter of supporters of the scum slagging NUFC off for losing to Blackburn-- which I will address after the jump.  This is not the matter needing attention, however.- today is a day that we need to stand up in thanks and recognition of our illustrious leader Robert L. Bishop.  Just in under the wire, let me be the first at CHN to wish Robert a Happy Birthday(!) and express sincere thanks for the effort and work that he has put into building our community here on the SBN platform.  I'm pleased and honored to be part of it!  Surprises after the jump!



-- and then this small matter of the scum.  Have your laugh today, but always remember this.  That is all.