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Sunday Links: Newcastle United, more Entertainers and Modibo Maiga

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Has International Break bit the Magpies?
Has International Break bit the Magpies?

This was meant to hit a little bit earlier than it is ending up, but a little difficulty with some of the site functionality has pushed it back just a bit.  As I am typing this up, the Entertainers Reunited match has just recently hit full time.  The Sun has rushed up a report, but I'm going to hang back a little bit on that one and see if I can't get a report from the Chronicle or somewhere else.  I also expect some gold from Lee Ryder on the whole setup of that match- he spent 24 hours (dinner yesterday to post-match today) with the group... Depending on what and when that comes out, I might make that a stand-alone link. 

You may also want to check out the Fanshots on the right sidebar if you haven't already-- there are several links regarding the knock that Yohan Cabaye picked up while on International duty.  It has gone from we don't know to doom to it might be ok, so it seems that we're still in a mostly wait-and-see mode regarding that. 

After the jump, HBA, Ruud Gullit, scouting, Academy, and more.  If I play it right, I think that we should transition nicely from The Entertainers through to Tottenham week.  There is a lot of good stuff out there today, so without any further ado, Links!

One more link from the Entertainers era

Solano: Gullit could not handle big Newcastle personalities | Premiership News |

I wish there was more to this article than what is there.  I'm hoping that someone somewhere else picks this up and runs with it a little bit so far as specifics go.  At any rate, it's an interesting idea. 

Behind the scenes:  The back room

John Carver backs Newcastle United Academy - NUFC News - NUFC - JournalLive

I found this one quite interesting.  Personally, I didn't realize that the reserve squad was as young as it was... it kind of fills in the gaps a little bit about how it is being possible to build the squad the way they are doing it right now.  Missing out on a Michael Carrick hurts-- but being able to ensure a young talent that they will get some match action right away is an under-rated tool.

Carver looking for new talent (From The Northern Echo)

There is an amount of overlap between this one and the previous, but there is some more in this one regarding the process of the recruiting policy and transfer window prep.

Newcastle United's French scouting policy is no laughing matter | Paul Hayward | Football | The Observer

This was quite an interesting read about the scouting department.  One wonders if we're beating Arsene Wenger to the punch, and if that is having an effect on his fortunes down at Arsenal. . .

Ashley-era Newcastle succeeding against all the odds : Premier League : UK & Ireland Football

But while many of his best players were going south - or south-west - Pardew seems to have used the adversity to build a siege mentality at the club. With only one striker coming in, he decided focused on tightening up what was the ninth-worst defence last season and the early results have been startling.

There is no shortage of opinion out there right now that Mike Ashley was right all along.  I believe that it is *way* too early to say that.  I don't think that we'll really know the answer as to the viability of the "sustainable model" this year or perhaps even next.  Clearly the identification of young talent is currently going very well right now, but it is going to be the attitude toward player retention after the young players are out there and performing at a high level that is going to determine if we can start chanting MA's name at St. James'.  The interesting part in this link for me was along the lines of the quote above-- again, time will tell with regard to Pardew, but the things that are hitting the press are certainly the "right" things.

From the locker room:  Human interest and getting to know the players

Hatem Ben Arfa has grown up since leg break - Sunday Sun

I had quite an internal dialogue about including this.  Being based in the US, the reputations of the tabloids have preceded them, but I was a little surprised.  There is a strong implication in this that HBA is not a very pleasant character, and there is no support to reinforce the idea.  Probably that can be found in past Sun reports, I would wager.  At any rate, here it is.

It's top secret: Newcastle and Holland keeper Tim Krul | Mail Online

I liked this Q and A with Tim-- I liked that he has a cat.  /end staggering insight

Gabriel Obertan: No cliques in NUFC dressing room - Sunday Sun

Aaaand after I had just questioned the Sun, I link them again.  This is a great piece on Obertan... none of the questionable writing that I mentioned regarding the other link.

Moving on...

Daily Star: Simply The Best 7 Days A Week :: Football :: Newcastle won't fly high in the league for long

Here is a great article chock-full of reasons why Newcastle will not succeed this season long-term.  Or not so great.  You decide.

Sochaux Expect New Newcastle United Modibo Maiga Bid

Modibo, you're still our #1 target.

Newcastle United eye up striking ace Luuk De Jong - Sunday Sun

I'm just including this one as it's a new name in the frame regarding the January window.  This guy looks to be a pipe dream when considering potential asking price + January inflation, but there it is.

TyneTalk - Injury Update Ahead Of Spurs Game

Heading towards Spurs, here's a too-early injury report on the squad preparing for next week.

International week is over-- we made it.  Bring on the Spurs, Come on the Toon!  Ho'way the Lads!