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Newcastle United Links: St. James' Park, Alan Pardew and Bojan Krkic Edition

Hey-- he looks like that one guy from Big Bang Theory!
Hey-- he looks like that one guy from Big Bang Theory!

The sun has risen another day on the Geordie Nation, and despite some people's best efforts it is hard not to be excited that the Mags are still sitting in third place in the Premier League on 25 points from 11 matches.  In the links today, we will begin the process of putting the St. James' Park Debacle to bed and moving forward towards Manchester City and England's version of THUNDERDOME™.  Undefeated gladiators meet on the pitch with it all to play for.  Two clubs enter, one club leave.  Well, unless they draw.  That, however, is a lot less fun and doesn't really remind me of a great 80's movie.

Putting SDA to bed.  (The new name for St. James' Park, not the church)

James Lawton: Newcastle fans: deal with it. That's modern football for you - News & Comment - Football - The Independent

Submitted without comment.

Fans still simmer over stadium name change - Local News - Shields Gazette


Brick fan condemns Sports Direct Arena bid - Chronicle News - News - ChronicleLive

WeeJohn1977 said: "Renaming the stadium makes perfect business sense.  But Newcastle United is not a Business to the fans, and there lies the great problem.  St James’ Park is not just a name, but a source of great pride to the people, representing the history and passion at the very heart of the Geordie nation."

I believe that this is my preferred read on the fan reaction to the name change.  We all know what we know and understand the reality behind the current economic climate.  I think that the Chronicle has really put together the most responsible reaction here.

Back To Squad News

How Alan Pardew won over a sceptical squad - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

In a separate article that didn't have much substance so I didn't end up linking it, a poll of fans on the Chronicle shows that 94% now believe that Alan Pardew was the correct hire following Chris Hughton's sacking.  That there is a hell of an approval rating.

Steven Taylor: NUFC now completely united - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

The dressing room is still united.  It seems that this prolonged undefeated run at the beginning of the season has left the press a little at a loss as far as ideas regarding Newcastle United.  No one really knows what to do with us, and so we have a united locker room, great team spirit, or will plummet down the table sooner rather than later.  Speaking personally, I'm not sad to read re-hashed ideas over and over if it means we keep flying high in the league.

Shola Ameobi and Leon Best may play at City - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Adding to the possibility that Yohan Cabaye will be ready, there is a double striker boost as well.  Moving from a potential source of nervousness regarding fitness to a more normal area is good.  City is still going to be an uphill slog, but I'll feel a little better with Best/Ba at the top.  

‘Sammy’s a better player than me’ – Shola - Black & White - Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette

The Ameobi brothers really like to talk about each other.  This time it's Shola's turn to heap praise on his little brother.

Magpies chase Roma forward | Football News | Transfer Rumours | Sports News

I'm seeing reports linking us to a move for Bojan Krkic of Roma.  Bojan was perhaps the absolute hottest young prospect in the world a couple of years back. . . He is only 21, is now more of a striker/winger hybrid (much like almost every other player linked with or purchased by Newcastle United lately) and has loads of potential.  In other words, he is exactly the kind of player (in a vacuum) that we would acquire.  The problem, however, is the transfer structure that is currently in place between FC Barcelona and AS Roma.  The deal with all of it's twists and return purchase clauses and such ends up being worth a healthy £40m total. . . which means unless there is some kind of amazing deal made on our end, this one is a non-starter... but it is a fairly nice thought.

Is Fabio Capello Ignoring The Northeast?

Is the North East really hard done by when it come to the England squad? - NUFC News - NUFC - JournalLive