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Newcastle United Saturday Links: A Stroll Through Time - Graeme Souness, Bobby Robson and Howay 5-0!

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The Premier League ball is still. . . but we are not!
The Premier League ball is still. . . but we are not!

So the U18s just closed out a somewhat heart-stopping match v. Derby County in the league, nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by conceding three times in the second half after leading 4-0 at half.  Congrats to the lads for hanging on!

For your Saturday perusal- links!  Not your average regular links, mind, but a look back in 5-year increments over the last 25 years of Newcastle United history.  The number is relatively few, but I think you'll like the quality, overall.  I think that we all have a pretty decent idea of what the stories are in November 2011, so let's get in the time machine and head back:

November, 2006

Double dose of Rooney proves just the medicine for United - Premier League - Football - The Independent

All honeymoons end but Graeme Souness's relationship with Newcastle United is threatening to head straight into a loveless marriage without the usual hand-in-hand walks through the park which normally come in between.

5 years ago, the Graeme Souness era was souring, vying with the Ruud Gullit era for rank in the most miserable times for the average Newcastle fan.  

November, 2001

Newcastle send four home - Telegraph

10 years ago, Sir Bobby Robson was still manager of the club and several of the young guns on the squad were deciding they knew better than Wor Bob.  Newcastle in the news again for negative reasons.  This time, some players decided they did not need to attend a dinner held to honor Sir John Hall while on mid-season training camp in Spain.

Late October, 1996

So I cheated a little bit on this one... I had intended to pluck a November story from each year, but I thought this would be a nice one with the #StretchOfDoom™ looming on the horizon just to help us remember that sometimes things DO happen.  Howay 5-0!

November 1991

It is the second half of this video that occurred in November of 91, but a couple of comments on it overall:  1)  Way to exhibit class, Mr. mackem.  Not only did you take a crap penalty, but then you blatantly kicked the keeper.  #SMB.  2)  It seems that about every five years (in the 1s and 6s) we score a goal on a rather sublime chip.  Who wants to step up this year?

November, 1986

Actual news links get a little harder to search as the clock turns back-- I'll have to review my methodology to see if there's a way I can do this better in the future... but I did find this, which is awesome.  November, 1986:  West Ham Utd at Newcastle United on The Big Match!

It's as though Newcastle have won the FA Cup and the League combined!

Hopefully you enjoy the videos and your weekend.  Howay The Lads!