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Newcastle United Wednesday Links: New Transfer Rumors, Poor Reserves, Manchester United

Turkey *and* stuffing?  Exxxxccelllent.
Turkey *and* stuffing? Exxxxccelllent.

A tremendous Wednesday morning/afternoon to you, Toon Nation!  Old Trafford awaits on Saturday, and as we established yesterday, we have not won there in a long, long time... but the game is not won on Wednesday, so let's concern ourselves with the tasks at hand. There shall be links after the jump, but before we get there, there are a couple pieces of Holiday Housekeeping that I'd just like to make sure are out there.  Those of us in the States will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow- I don't anticipate that there will be a drop in activity, but if for some reason there is, that could be a contributing factor... I would feel safe in assuming that the links tomorrow morning will be somewhat non-existent, though.  We'll have your regular previews and prep pieces, of course, and you might be on the look out for an impromptu Giving of Thanks thread tomorrow at some point just for fun.  There certainly is no shortage of reason to be thankful as a Newcastle United fan just now, and so maybe it'd be a great time to just step back and appreciate the view!

Today-- some fresh transfer target names, though they may be a little unlikely in some cases, a little bit about the rather poor Reserves loss yesterday, and beginning to turn an eye to the Manchester United match.  Jump!

New Transfer Target Names

Pardew fancies Dinamo Zagreb ace - Fansfc

I don't know much about this particular player, but he doesn't seem to fit on several levels... cost and nationality for one thing.  It just seems there are more likely midfield targets, but hey... rumors are rumors.


Newcastle United target Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa dreams of Premier League | Football News |

"In this country they live only for football. Score a goal at Old Trafford and slide on the pitch, [it] would be enormous."

Regardless your attitude on the English domestic game, it certainly has been branded and packaged as something extremely desirable to footballers in general.  

Newcastle set to swoop for Celtic skipper Scott Brown as talks over new Hoops deal break down - The Daily Record

I'm still not sold on acquiring talent from the SPL (and I do keep an eye in the league as a supporter, so it's not that I reject it straight out), but I would say I'd be much more in support of a move like this for a quality midfielder than some of the "goal scoring machines" that have cropped up in connection with Newcastle United and the SPL.

Yeah, So That Reserve Match Happened

Donachie expects better after reserves lose - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Teams within the club were bound to start dropping matches at some point, and really, the reserves are still up  near the top of the table... you just hope that you don't drop matches quite this badly.  That being said, Everton have a really nice player in Apostolos Vellios.  

Duncan Ferguson still holding love for NUFC - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Big Dunc was at the helm for Everton Reserves yesterday, so of course there was some talk about his Newcastle career.

Mehdi Abeid Is Out Of Consideration For A  Couple Weeks, and Other Player Stories


Mehdi Abeid keen to play for both club and country - NUFC News - NUFC - JournalLive

The combative teenage midfielder has checked out of the club’s Benton base to link up with the Desert Warriors and could be unavailable for United duty until mid-December as Algeria look to clinch a place in the Olympics in the UK next summer. Abeid has opted for Algeria ahead of his native France, for whom he has been capped at youth level, and believes playing in the Olympic qualifiers – which is an under-23 tournament – in the next fortnight can assist him in his bid for first-team football at Newcastle.

Good luck to Mehdi and Algeria.  Get that experience, and let's get you up to speed for some senior appearances in January!

Kadar Hungary to save United career - Black & White - Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette

No real issues here, but with a glut of young talent, there is always going to be some problem getting them matches.  Hopefully, there is a plan in place to make the best of the situation.  I know the idea is to cash in on some of these young players, but they're going to need to be able to show their wares at some point in order for that to happen.

Yohan Cabaye claims NUFC can mix it at top - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

Confidence is good, but realistically, we need to expand the squad if we're going to have any sort of staying power as the season goes on... at least as far as a top-4 or top-6 finish goes.

One Eye On Old Trafford

Manchester United ace Rooney in battle to make Newcastle United clash > Manchester United > Sport | ClickManchester

It's early yet, and as with Manchester City, Rooney being out does not necessarily hand us any sort of reprieve, but hey... it's out there.

Newcastle's way to combat Manchester United ? (From The Northern Echo)

I try to stay away from overt non-news type links by and large, but I think there's some good discussion in here.  Your assignment-- go check out the questions, think them through, then bring your thoughts back to the comments!

We're just over the hump and it's downhill to the weekend.  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, enjoy the club.  HTL!