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A Platform, or: The Thanks I Have Will Never Be Offset By The Contribution I Can Make

I had trouble as I brainstormed ideas about what a Thanksgiving post would look like for Coming Home Newcastle.  I even tried to get a hashtag started on Twitter that got 0 participation, so my attempt at a copout was denied even before it started.  I thought about being thankful for Demba Ba.  Alan Pardew.  Yohan Cabaye.  Or for this:

Or this moment of Zen from Rockets4LIFE.  It even registers that I should be thankful for Mike Ashley.  I certainly don't have enough money to do what he does in terms of owning a massive team like Newcastle United, don't have the skin (or hubris) to put up with the abuse that he sometimes takes (or brings upon himself, rather.)  All of these things are fine things for which to be thankful.  Sitting fourth in the table after 12 matches.  None of them really ended up being the thing that got me in front of the keyboard, however. . . So after the jump, there will be my "one thing", and I'll mosey along to be thankful for the things that matter on a much deeper level.

The idea that finally got me to dig out my laptop at the OSotP GF's parents house was that I am thankful for the platform I have been afforded on this site.  I am thankful for Robert's faith in me and the opportunity I have been given to just sit around and pontificate about sports.  I am thankful for the SBN platform, which I have participated on as a commenter for several years and believe in wholeheartedly.  For the passionate fan, I don't believe there is a more user-friendly and fan-friendly setup out there.  I am thankful for you, the community, for not laughing me out of the place, for continuing to return, and for encouraging me to think differently about the club and my fandom. . . and so, on the day where Americans stop to give thanks, I would remiss if I did not get this out there to you all.  May today find you and your loved ones happy and in good health and spirit.  May the road rise to meet you, as the Irish proverb goes.  Enjoy all of the good things, some of the bad... and LOVE this club like you do. 

In closing, there is one more very large thing for which I am thankful.  I am thankful that I am not a Mackem.