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Newcastle United Tuesday Links: Non-Focused Edition

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It is a strange news morning. . . not a lot of focus in any particular area or another today.  A little more wrap-up from the ManU match, some transfer rumors and beginning to turn attention to Chelsea are among the highlights.

On an unrelated note, has anyone else had trouble getting to the site this morning?  It took me 30 minutes to get the site to load, and I don't know if it's on my computer, or what.  Anyway.... jump and Quick Links!

Wrapping Manchester United

Manchester United's Alex Ferguson avoids action over 'travesty' talk | Football | The Guardian

I'm a little surprised by this and a little not. . . although the language was far from the harshest I've ever heard him use regarding officials.  


We were worth a point – Guthrie - Black & White - Shields Gazette

On his injury, Guthrie added: "I had a niggle going into the Man City game, and it worsened. "I didn’t train until Friday, and I came through all right."  

The real reason I am including this link is to wonder out loud: "Where is the news on Cheik Tiote?"  We went from a couple of weeks ago the news being Tiote Tiote Tiote Tiote to absolutely 0 words about him.  No freak-out or anything here... just very curious.


Shape of things to come for Magpies - Black & White - Shields Gazette

Ba added: "I think we were the better team in the first half. We went on the pitch with a different attitude to last week. This week we said ‘let’s chase them, let’s play and do the job’. "That’s what we did. We deserved the draw at half time.

At least the difficulty from the City match was out there and easy to see... and the club reacted well and appropriately.  There is a lot encouraging to take from the change from the City match to the ManU match and carry forward through the remainder of the season.

No fear for Newcastle – Krul - Black & White - Shields Gazette

I really think that the club feel that they can play with anyone... even City.  It's worked so far :)

Transfer Rumors and Player Acquisition

Newcastle chase Montpellier duo | Mail Online

Olivier Giroud is a name that has popped up a couple of times lately.  At £14m the price tag seems a little high, but he is 25 and is not away for the ACON... so that is a mark on the positive column for him.  Also of note, PSG are being linked with a £10m move for Arsenal misfit Marouane Chamakh - - perhaps paving the way for renewed interest in former NUFC target Mevlut Erdinc?

Newcastle eager to use local teams as feeder clubs - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

This just makes good sense.

Newcastle striker looking to turn the corner (From The Northern Echo)

This doesn't really fit here, but it doesn't really fit elsewhere, either.  I have to wonder, though, if running piece after piece about Mr. Ranger defeats the purpose of him being away from Newcastle for a spell?

Fenlon makes his mark at Hibs by showing long-serving coaches door - European -

Liam O'Brien has been brought in as an assistant manager in Scotland.  I sincerely wish it weren't at Hibs, but I guess a chance is a chance.  Also, it gives me a chance to imbed this:

Looking to Chelsea


Pardew says Chelsea 'fearing' St James' Park visit - NUFC Latest News - Newcastle United - ChronicleLive

"We’ve set up ourselves up for Chelsea. "We have one of the big clubs coming to us and they will be fearing coming to us in front of 52,000 Geordies. "They will make a difference. They loved it at Old Trafford and they enjoyed themselves – so now they will be looking ahead to this game."


I would take one step back from saying Chelsea will be "fearing" St. James' Park... but the match is already sold out... so there may be something to it.

That's the news-- stay tuned through this week... good stuff coming through this week!  HTL!