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From the Department of Unfortunate Events Department: Newcastle United Winger out 3-4 Weeks With Toe Infection

Darn you, toe!  Y U No Not Be Infected?!?!
Darn you, toe! Y U No Not Be Infected?!?!


Obertan had his best game yet for the side when they beat Stoke City 3-1 on Monday night to move third in the Premier League, and Pardew has bemoaned his absence.

"Gabriel’s pace is a real asset to us – he puts teams on the back foot," said the Magpies boss.

"Unfortunately, he’s picked up a toe infection and will miss Saturday. He might even miss the next two games. It’s really unfortunate – I thought he was outstanding against Stoke."

It has been well noted that Newcastle United are off to a flying start at the start of the 2011/12 EPL campaign.  Part of the team's success has been tied to a distinct lack of injury and the corresponding continuity of lineup that accompanies such a lack of injury.  Things are starting on the down slope in this regard it seems.  Following Shola Ameobi's hamstring, and Cheik Tiote's knee Gabriel Obertan is out 3-4 weeks with a "toe infection".  I'm saddened for Gabby as he is coming off his best performance by far in the black-and-white and was looking for the results to continue improving for him... fortunately, however, there is an international break in there, so he only stands to lose 3 matches-- but the games lost to injury number is getting farther and farther from 0.  On the fortunate side, Obertan's loss comes in perhaps the absolute only position in which Newcastle can absorb such a loss. . . Sylvain Marveaux, Come On Down!