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Three Question Thursday! Give Your Input On The State Of The Toon

Three Question Thursday!
Three Question Thursday!

Here it is, December 1 and Newcastle United are sitting in 4th place in the table. Needless to say, the where we've been part of this season has turned out pretty well. There are a couple of notable mile markers on the horizon in the near future, so let us as a community take a look forward at where we may be going. Your latest installment of Three Question Thursday is after the jump!


The Questions! The Dude Needs Your Opinion!

  1. Cheik Tiote has been ruled out v. Chelsea with his knee injury, and he may not be back for next week's match v. Norwich. That leaves 14 days and 4 matches to the transfer window. Are you worried about Cheik's status as a Newcastle player?
  2. With the #StretchOfDoom ending Saturday, December looks decidedly less daunting with fixtures with Norwich (A), Swansea (H), West Brom (H), Bolton (A) and Liverpool (A). Looking in your crystal ball, where do you expect the Mags to open 2012 relative to the league table?
  3. The transfer window rumors are ramping up again (be watching for comprehensive target post soon!). Based on what you've heard about our potential targets, which position and what player is your #1 must sign for January?