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FA Cup 3rd Round Draw Tomorrow

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen-- I wanted to get this out there to your eyeballs before bedtime today just in case the following is of interest to you. The FA Cup 3rd round draw is going to happen tomorrow (Sunday) at some point after 2:40 pm GMT (8:40 CST)... if it is anything like the Euro 2012 draw, they will make the first draw at approximately 7:30 pm GMT. All snark aside, I will be attempting to live-blog the draw right here at Coming Home Newcastle. That's right- pop on over, have some banter, discuss the fixtures as they come through, maybe even drop a picture of the Dunkin' Donuts guy. Whatever. It's bound to be a good time, and Robert said he's buying the beer.*

Given the state of the squad at this point and given my current mental state, this is all moot anyway as we're currently going to struggle to make a squad for the league, let alone an extended cup run. . . but hey, it's going to be fun anyway! So-- look for it tomorrow, thread to go up at 0630 PST, 0730 MST, 0830 CST, 0930 EST, 1430 GMT, 2230 in Brisbane, Australia.

*Just kidding about the beer thing.