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This Was Sunday: Newcastle United on the Twitters


Subtitle: A Tribute to the unwashed

Did you know that you can find something on the internet to make almost anything easier? This Twitter amalgamator that I have started using is one of those things. I don't intend to do this every night, even though it would be tremendously easy to do so... and actually I didn't intend to do one today... but with former charges of #AgentBruce exploring new levels of failure today, there was some funny stuff out there. Also covered: The FA Cup 3rd round draw, Christmas decorations, Mike Dean and Newcastle United's home record since the "re-branding". Consider this in lieu of the reasonable reaction review at least for now... I haven't re-watched the match yet, so that will probably go up tomorrow. That and I wanted an excuse to use the FANCY AWESOME GRAPHIC for the exploration of the Twitters that we have. It goes to 11 you know.