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Post Game Thread: Blackburn Rovers 0, Newcastle United 0

You never want to turn down a point, especially on the road, but I am less than satisfied with this result. Newcastle dominated the proceedings, especially in the second half, but were unable to convert. Still, that was about as entertaining as a 0-0 draw can be. No doubt Alan Pardew's focus on the training ground this week will be finishing.

To say they dominated is actually kind of an understatement. They out-possessed the Rovers 58-42, created roughly twice as many chances, and took 11 (!) corner kicks. The action was on Blackburn's side of the field for virtually the entire game, but it means nothing if the chances created aren't converted. I hate to bring him up, but with Andy Carroll gone, there just isn't an aerial presence in the box, and for whatever reason, the boys weren't stringing together passes on the ground in the attacking third. The chances were great and of course the striking must be better, but at some point adjustments have to be made. I'd like to see more ground attacking in the future.

To be honest, this was a pretty forgettable match. We won't be talking about this one in a couple of weeks. The most lasting image will unfortunately be Joey Barton cursing referee Stuart Atwell at the very end for receiving a very questionable booking. Barton was fouled often and kept a cool head up until the incident in question, but he'll no doubt be vilified in the national media. Comes with the territory, I suppose.

Anyway, a point is a point, so I guess I should be happy with that. Your thoughts?