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Stoke City FC vs. Newcastle United FC Post Game Thread

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As noted before, neither one of us were able to catch the game live today.  A short summary of the game will appear here once we've been able to view it.  Feel free to discuss match developments and nominate your Man of the Match below.

EDIT (7:45 PM CDT): I'll just let BetterDeadThanRed's comment stand as the summary for the game:

a complete disaster

tiote booked and goal differential advantage in standings wiped out. oh, and enrique hurt again.

I haven't read anything yet and still haven't been able to give my full attention to the game (hence my reluctance to really say anything of substance), but this game seemed like a lost cause all the way, which makes Cheik Tiote's upcoming two-match ban and Jose Enrique Sanchez's injury (surely he's out for at least a week now, right?) that much more painful.  You never want to give away points, and I'm not directly suggesting that Pardew should have fielded a give-up lineup, but there was nothing to be gained by playing people unnecessarily.

Feel free to discuss in the comments.  I'll have the Reasonable Reaction Review up on Monday or Tuesday, and hopefully RKW will be able to update you with the latest on Enrique and others before then.