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Post Match Thread: Aston Villa FC 1-0 Newcastle United FC

Both teams came out to roughly the same pace and looked pretty evenly matched. That is, until James Collins put in a flick of a header from 15 ft. out. After that Newcastle looked out of sorts, and didn't earn a corner until 42 minutes into the game. Danny Guthrie continued to prove that this team need Chiek Tiote, but Fabricio Collocini looked pretty good in his Midfield role. Villa looked to be going ahead by two when a Darren Bent goal was called offside. He looked on to me and the replay showed him even with Jose Enrique. A bit of luck there and the Magpies sulked into the dressing room.

NUFC came out to the second half with some intensity, but it was diffused pretty quickly as AVFC went on the attack and went about it very effectively. Newcastle didn't seem able to settle into a rhythm at all and could only put together abbreviated stints in the attacking zone. Even then we were susceptible to the counter. Luckily AVFC didn't seem too interested in actually scoring that second goal, but their second half pressure proved more than enough to keep Newcastle off the score sheet. That's pretty much the way it went until the final whistle. A disappointing showing from our Magpies, especially the team's reaction to that first goal. Very little excitement to be had, Robert picked a good game to miss out on.


MOTM will go to no one this week, we are not amused.