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Jose Enrique Deal Not Done, According to Pardew

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Phil Thompson, a television pundit with Liverpool ties, reported earlier this week that he had insider information indicating that a transfer deal had been stricken between the Reds and Newcastle concerning left back Jose Enrique Sanchez.  Rumors have been swirling around Jose Enrique ever since he made comments that some interpreted to mean that he wanted out of Tyneside.  The reported deal has had numerous price tags affixed to it by various sources, further causing confusion about whether or not the rumor has merit.

Alan Pardew spoke about his defender's status on the club on Wednesday:

There's definitely no deal between the clubs - 100 percent.  He's under contract here until next summer and we hope to open talks on a new deal as soon as possible. That's where we are. We want to keep our best players, and Jose's one of them. As far as anything being a done deal, that's not true. We want Jose to stay. Nothing's changed.

[via Yahoo!]

I'd almost rather Pardew keep quiet on this issue.  His comments are eerily similar to the ones he made right before Andy Carroll departed for Anfield.  Still, I suppose a denial at this point keeps hope alive that Newcastle will be able to retain JE's services, however misguided that hope may be.