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Post Game Thread: Newcastle United 4, Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

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A win always feels good, but it feels better when a loss would have thrown the team straight into a relegation battle, and Newcastle made it clear today that they wanted nothing with that. They were dominant through and through, and while the parting shot from the announcer may have been about an off day for the Wolves, the Magpies deserve tons of credit for the way they played.

It's not just the 4 goals - though that certainly factors in - but the lads played with confidence today, something we haven't seen out of them in several weeks. The formation held together well. Everybody did their job - no one player stood out in a negative way, except maybe one or two who were conspicuous in their absence. The Toon can claim momentum from this one, and the timing is right, because we've finally reached the point of the season where we're guaranteed a game every week until the end.

Of course, next week will be a test, because Aston Villa are still fighting that battle at the bottom of the table and Newcastle will be without the services of Cheik Tiote and now Kevin Nolan, who picked up his 10th yellow.

Speaking of Nolan, Wolves fans surely have a right to complain about his clip on the heels of Adam Hammill as he was clear on goal, but ultimately it wouldn't have made the difference in the result. Newcastle were the better team, and this time around it showed on the scoreboard.

39 points isn't quite the magic number of 40, obviously, but the Toon Army has to be breathing a bit easier after today.