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Newcastle to Visit Columbus Crew in July

Well, we had our "North American Tour" suspicions confirmed as the Columbus Crew have announced a July 26th visit from our beloved Magpies, following a game with Sporting Kansas City at Livestrong Sporting Park on Saturday, July 20th.  Newcastle played the Crew back in 2000 during their last tour of North America, and the prior relationship no doubt worked in Columbus' favor.

"We are pleased once again to bring top-flight international soccer right here to Columbus and to provide the best competitive challenge for our team," said Crew President & General Manager Mark McCullers. "The English Premier League is arguably the best league in the world and Newcastle United is one of its most storied clubs."

I still expect more stops to be announced and we'll keep you apprised as soon as we know. Check out the SBNation Soccer write up, Jeremiah Oshan beat us to the punch on this one.