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Kevin Nolan, Steve Harper to Undergo Surgery

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Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan and goalkeeper Steve Harper will each undergo surgery this week, ending both of their seasons.  Nolan will have his right ankle operated on on Thursday, while Harper's procedure will be Friday, and it will be on his left knee. (NUFC Official Site)  Both are expected to recover in time for the preseason fixtures, which start in July.

Nolan has been praised for his strong leadership as skipper of the club and has also turned many heads by scoring 12 goals, a career high in the Premiership and also enough to lead the team.  Harper is the team's longest tenured player by far and his status as the number 1 goaltender is in question as Tim Krul did very well in relief when Harper went down with a shoulder injury earlier this year. 

There's probably not much to worry about this year.  By all accounts neither surgery would have taken place this week if Newcastle wasn't safe, so rather than panic about "season-ending injuries," just treat the news as you would if it happened during the off-season.  The goal is to get both players ready for the preseason, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.