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Post Game Thread: Chelsea FC vs. Newcastle United FC

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When I left, the score was 1-1.  Branislov Ivanovic volleyed in a Frank Lampard corner early, then a Ryan Taylor blast went in off of Jonás Gutiérrez's bum. 

What happened after that?  How did the reserves do?  Did Pardew do anything crazy?  Who was the Man of the Match? Why in the world would the Toon Army chant "You're not champions anymore" to the Chelsea fans?  You don't scoreboard the second-place finishers when all you've got is 44 points.  Come on, guys.


I still haven't seen this one, but it looks like it was a lot of fun, especially at the end.  Chelsea out-possessed Newcastle 65-35, which is about as wide a margin as you're going to get in top flight football, but Steven Taylor scored a goal in the 90th minute to gain a draw.  I'm sure Alan Pardew will use the point gained as motivation and a confidence builder going forward, but for now, let's celebrate a point gained against a team that was challenging for the title just last week.  Newcastle sit 12th and will finish somewhere between 8th and 14th place on the season.  I'll take it.

I don't know enough about this to nominate a MotM, so feel free to discuss in the comments.