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Tuesday Morning Discussion

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Monday was a slow day in Newcastle, and that's to be expected, so there are no links to share with you today.  Instead, I'd like to pose a question that I asked BetterDeadThanRed in yesterday's thread.  I'm putting together a list of the best moments of the season, as well as the worst.  I've narrowed it down to about 15 candidates for each list, but I'm having trouble putting them in order.  Here's the question I posed:

Rank the following from worst to best:

Chris Hughton Sacked (6 December)

Andy Carroll Sold to Liverpool

Hatem Ben Arfa's Leg Broken by Nigel De Jong

I believe that a case could be made for any of those three as the worst moment of the 2010-11 season, so I'd like to get your input as I put together my upcoming lists. 

Feel free to nominate other moments for either list as well.  I can always push the list to 20...