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CHN Links: Wednesday Edition

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So when is the first (confirmed) signing for the Toon going to happen?  I'll start the bidding at June 19.  Here are your Newcastle United links for today:

Broadcast Payments to Premier League clubs | BPL Official Site
Click the link at the bottom for a PDF listing all the payouts. Newcastle's cut: £47,275,106. It pays to play in the top flight.

Why Chris Hughton Should Be the Next West Ham United Manager | EPL Talk
This one is almost a week old, but still worth a read. To the commenters saying Hughton isn't a good manager: Uh, what?

Hideously diverse Britain: Good friends are hard to find | The Guardian
Hugh Muir uses some sort of neo-fatalism to explain why Nile Ranger will never not be a thug. I didn't realize that we were still overreacting to this non-story.

Ryan Giggs Unwisely Sits Next to Advert That Makes Him Look Mildly Silly (Image) | CaughtOffside
Tee hee.