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CHN Links: "Mentioning That Rebecca Black Song is Grounds for a Perma-ban" Edition

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As the weekend comes, I'm starting to realize that we won't have any more Newcastle football of any meaning until August.  Sigh.

Tim Krul’s ultimatum to Newcastle | The Sun
I'm including this here and not in a news post for three reasons:

1) The source

2) It's completely out of character for Tim Krul to say something like this

3) The source

3 Problems With The Europa League: A Fulham Fan’s Perspective | EPL Talk

And so along with the once proud competition, a philosophy of sustainable growth and having realistic ambitions were deemed surplus to the requirements of glory. In the media love-in for the Champions League that followed, thousands of football fans were effectively disregarded, condescended into believing that European football was not always, in fact, something to cheer about. Their footballing dreams were relegated by ridicule, afraid now to speak their name.

Why the Europa League Still Matters to Fulham Supporters | EPL Talk
A similar article written two weeks ago, before anybody knew how the Fair Play Table would shake out.

Addressing Harry Redknapp To Chelsea Rumors | Cartilage Free Captain

For now, I'm not terribly concerned. I think he'll stay, and if he doesn't, oh well. Chelsea's a bigger job and you all know that I think Harry is a slightly overrated manager. Life goes on.

Harry Redknapp, Guus Hiddink And Other Possible Chelsea Managers | We Ain't Got No History
Ranking candidates with smiley faces. Brilliant.

Soccer In America: A Big Four Sport In The Public Mind? | Soccer by the Numbers

Since the early 1990s - a time of the World Cup and the launch of Major League Soccer - soccer's popularity has increased considerably. And it has left hockey well behind. This is even more remarkable, given that a number of professional hockey franchises were moved from Canada to the United States (mostly in the South and West) during this time. Yet, hockey is about as popular today as it was in 1980.

Agree or disagree with the premise that the MLS is on par with the Championship?