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CHN Links: Tuesday Edition

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PSA: Tomorrow we will start doing the player reviews for the 2010-11 season, where you'll have the opportunity to give each Magpie a final grade.  We'll do one player each day, and the posts will go up at Noon CDT.  First up will be Steve Harper.

Alan Pardew keeping goalkeeping options open | JournalLive
One will start the season as first choice, another will be loaned out or sold, and the third will remain as back-up. So how would you handle this?  Give me Harper as the starter, Krul as the backup, and Forster loaned out.  Yes, Forster has been cranky about his status, but you can't let one player hold the club hostage with his attitude.

Newcastle close in on Demba Ba | The Sun
I'm sort of hoping for this...

Larsson weighs up options | Sky Sports
One day Newcastle is interested in Sebastian Larsson, the next they're not. To be honest, I wish he would go ahead and sign with Sunderland. Go be somebody else's problem.

Memo To Soccer Fans: Sometimes, It's Better To 'Cheese Off' |
It seems like there's another one of these every day.

Valcke clarifies email | Sky Sports
It's hilarious that Jerome Valcke is backing off of his recent comments about Qatar "buying" the 2022 World Cup. Is there anybody out there that believes everything is on the up-and-up at FIFA?

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" | Literally Unbelievable

Off-topic? Yes. But still hilarious. I love this tumblr.