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Jose Enrique Happy to Stay, Happy to Leave

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Jose Enrique Sanchez recently gave an interview to BBC Sport (text and video both found here), and when he wasn't talking about missing his dog, he was talking about his future. JE apparently loves him some will they/won't they sitcom drama. Pick your favorite TV couple: Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Scully and Mulder, Troy and Abed, Bones and that weird FBI agent - that's what's unfolding on Tyneside. It was just a few weeks ago that he told the Spanish press that he wants out, saying he "aspires to more," and now he's espousing a more diplomatic view, saying he'd be happy no matter where he ends up playing football next year, all the while praising the Toon Army's passion.

While I'd love to let this interview get my hopes up that he's staying(after all, he doesn't want to move his dog again, does he?), I just can't bring myself to do it. I believed that the club wasn't selling Andy, and look where that got us. I'd just as soon count the £12 million or so toward the summer transfer budget and be happy if and when he proves me wrong. I guess it comes down to that expectations thing again.