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CHN Community Player Ratings: Fabricio Coloccini

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Community Player Ratings (click the number):

#1 - Steve Harper

#2 - Tim Krul

Fabricio Coloccini was a rock at center back for Newcastle in 2010-11, playing the second-most minutes of any player on the club despite having to sit out two games due to a red card. At 29, Colo has emerged as one of the more consistent outfield players on Alan Pardew's squad. He's never going to garner the name recognition that somebody like Jose Enrique Sanchez will, but his solid play in the middle has been the backbone of the club for the past few seasons. In addition, he has an awesome head of hair. Who can argue with that? I want curly hair, too.

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Fabricio Coloccini is a smart player that rarely gets caught out of position, although this year he did show some susceptibility to long passes over the top. He is quite strong and controls his area well. He's not a good ball-handler, but he knows that and is proficient at clearing to safety. Above all, Colo is durable, which is certainly an admirable quality in somebody who plays such an important position on the pitch.

High Point of the Season

Newcastle 2, Wigan Athletic 2 - Coloccini scored a fabulous chested down goal that gave Newcastle the lead at home versus Tottenham Hotspur, but the clear-cut high-water mark for him this year was the equalizer deep into stoppage time against Wigan on October 16, a date which saw Colo wearing the armband. The header stopped a short 2-game skid at St James' Park early in the season, important because home had been such a strength for the 2009-10 team in the Championship.

Low Point of the Season

Bolton Wanderers 5, Newcastle 1 - Coloccini was abused twice by Johan Elmander, both times leading directly to goals, and then he let the frustration get the best of him as he planted a firm elbow into the side of Elmander's head, earning him a red card and a two-match suspension - the second of which was the 3-1 drubbing by West Bromwich Albion that was the last straw in Chris Hughton's back.

Basic Statistics

Games: 35

Goals: 2 (85.7 SOG%)

Bookings: 3 Yellow, 1 Red (14 total fouls committed)