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Newcastle Signing of Demba Ba Complete

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Even as of a couple days ago, this move seemed virtually done, but it's been announced officially this morning. Demba Ba will wear Newcastle United colors in the coming season. Better yet we've signed him to a three year deal. We'll get you more specifics on wages and whether or not we had to pay that 2m sweetener that was a rumored demand.

Opinion Poll follows the jump.

I'm a fan of this move, I know Ba has knee problems, but he acclimated very quickly to the Premiership last year scoring 7 times in 13 games. And if you don't agree with me then you also don't agree with Alan Pardew, who had good things to say about Demba:

Demba made a great impression with West Ham last season and is a great signing for this club. He has pace, excellent technical ability, is good in the air and, it goes without saying, has the ability to consistently find the back of the net. Moreover he has a great passion to play for Newcastle United.

As I said we'll keep you apprised of specifics of the signing as we hear them. Don't forget to vote in the poll.